Hydrophilic colloid Research &Development Engineer
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CDT Inter SA

20 Septembre 2018 | Commerce | CDT Inter SA

Hydrophilic colloid Research &Development Engineer

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Hydrophilic colloid Research &Development Engineer

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CDT Inter SA is an international engineering and financing company, operating also as a project integrator and representing important industrial groups from around the world. CDT Inter SA is operational since almost 25 years based in Switzerland with its head office in Rolle, located between Geneva and Lausanne. We are a customer oriented company, committed to quality services. Over the past almost two decades, CDT Inter SA has built a solid reputation based on these two principles. By expanding its international operations, CDT Inter SA has established representative offices in Algeria and Dubai. We have established a relationship with a Chinese food chemical company, in order to develop and expand its production. We are therefore looking to increase their team, to be based in Switzerland, with regular travels around the world. We are currently looking for a hydrophilic colloid R&D Engineer.


1. Responsible for product R&D from requirements confirmation, product concept, raw material preparation, formulation development to manufacturing process control; 2. Responsible for product application test and R&D project comparison test; 3. Improve product professional documentation 4. Accompany the sales to visit customers, promote product as well as satisfying customers's needs. 5. Understand market trends in the food industry, collect market information, and provide effective technical support to sales; 6. Link the technical resources in the direction of food engineering in colleges and universities, and improve cooperative efficiency; 7. Participate in and assist related training, exchange meetings, exhibitions, etc. 8. Organize product and technical training in company.

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1. Master's degree or above, major in food engineering; 2. More than three years' experience in Hydrophilic colloid like Carrageenan and Konjac gum Research & Development 3. Familiar with food additive specialized knowledge and related laws and regulations; 4. Familiar with R&D, production process and quality management of compound food additives, and able to develop formulas independently 5. Able to develop formulas independently according to customers' requirements; 6. Familiar with professional English, able to work under high-intensity and high-demand.

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Rolle, (1180)



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