Stage de fin d'études - Réalité Augmentée
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12 Janvier 2017 | Informatique | ROBOCORTEX

Stage de fin d'études - Réalité Augmentée

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Stage de fin d'études - Réalité Augmentée

Type de contrat

Stage 6 mois



Présentation de l'entreprise

Robocortex is a French innovative spinoff from INRIA founded in 2010. With a high expertise in augmented reality technologies Robocortex provides integrated solutions for the assistance to industrial operations on tablets, glasses or videoprojection connected to customer IT. Some of our customers: Dassault Systemes, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Defence & Space, Dassault Aviation, Thales.


The goal of this internship is to design and develop network software components that will be used in connected augmented reality applications. Our augmented reality applications run on one or several mobile devices and on remote servers. The network software components enable our applications to connect together, either in client server mode, in peer to peer. The network components also handle real time communication with connected objects (internet of things). The features included in the network components are: - Design Phase: - Mobile device information is sent to authoring environment - License keys are exchanged between authoring environment and proprietary remote server - Augmented reality project is deployed to authorized mobile devices - Authoring tool retrieves device related data from a proprietary remote server - Runtime Phase: - Mobile device retrieves project data from an applicative remote server - Mobile device defers heavy computational proc

Profil recherché

• Programming Skills: C, C++, C#, network technologies and frameworks • Good analysis and synthesis skills, information gathering • Open minded, motivation to learn, team spirit • Good documentation and communication skills

Date de début



800 euros par mois

Lieu de travail

Sophia Antipolis (06410)


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